Racing vibratsiooniga peenise pump

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Racing vibratsiooniga peenise pump
Peenise pumpade ülim tase! Lihtne ühe käega kasutatav peenise pump mitme vibratsiooniga, kergest värinast tugeva vibratsioonini. Mõõtmed32 cm sügav, seesmine läbimõõt kuus cm. Toode ei sisalda patareisid.

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Racing vibratsiooniga peenise pump saadetakse Sulle mugavalt lähimasse Smartposti või Omniva pakiautomaati. Soovi korral saad paki tellida ka Eesti Posti postkontorisse või lasta selle kulleriga kohale toimetada. Kaubad on läbipaistmatus pakendis ja pakil puudub igasugune viide paki sisule või erootikapoele. Tellimusi täidetakse Eesti piires.


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  • Farouk

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    Wow, you’re getting a lot when you pump! It’s nomral for a mom who is pumping along with nursing to only get an ounce or two. A breastfed baby will usually take 2-4 ounces of milk every couple of hours, so you’re pumping an entire feeding at once. Right now you and your baby are still learning about breastfeeding. It’s best to wait to start pumping for a few weeks, when your milk supply is well established. For now, relax and just enjoy your new baby! It’s also nomral for babies to prefer one side to the other. Perhaps your right ****** isn’t making as much milk as your left, or maybe he finds the left easier to latch on to. It’s entirely possible to breastfeed from only one breast, but you can encourage him to nurse on the right by offering it first at most feedings, offering it when he’s mostly asleep, nursing him in a sling or in the bathtub so he feels relaxed and secure. As long as he’s growing well and having lots of wet and poopy diapers, you’ll know he’s getting plenty of milk. You don’t really need to worry about this unless it really bothers you.

  • Shofi

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    Nothing increases milk prdouction better than the baby nursing at the breast. Pumping doesn’t work quite as well. If you have to pump and give bottles part of the time, try to nurse on demand whenever you are available. Pump after nursing or when you are away from home. Avoid giving bottles if you are on hand to nurse. That will increase or maintain your milk supply best. As for getting more milk from pumping, how much you can pump tends to vary from one woman to another. If you aren’t getting as much as you’d like, it can help to get a better quality pump, like a hospital-type electric pump. Those can be expensive, but some communities will rent or loan pre-sterilized ones. As your local LaLeche League or lactation consultant.

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