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Neljast osast koosnev peeniserõngaste komplekt. Valmistatud pehmest ning hästi venivast ehtsat naturaalset nahka meenutavast materjalist. Kaasas talgipulber ning libestusaine. Kõrge kvaliteet! Täpsem info >>

Nature Skin Penis Rings peeniserõngad saadetakse Sulle mugavalt lähimasse Smartposti või Omniva pakiautomaati. Soovi korral saad paki tellida ka Eesti Posti postkontorisse või lasta selle kulleriga kohale toimetada. Kaubad on läbipaistmatus pakendis ja pakil puudub igasugune viide paki sisule või erootikapoele. Tellimusi täidetakse Eesti piires.


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    ma kasutasin seda päris jaa

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    Not similar at all.Chlamydia is a bacetrium that manifests in the form of a mucus that comes from the tip of your penis and is associated with a slight odor and some itching when urinating. Chlamydia is curable by ANY OTC anti-biotic such as Amoxicillin, Penicillin.HPV is a virus. It manifests in the form of small warts that appear on the penis and scrotum. It is HIGHLY communicable and incurable. Fortunately, for men, it is more a matter of discomfort than anything. However, for women, the warts can become internal and often lead to cervical cancer as well as a few other forms of cancer.On a man the warts can be frozen off very easily. On a woman they are on the inside and can be undetectable, hence growing to be very large and dangerous.PS: They have found a vaccine for women to take to protect against it. There may be a cure in the future but as of now medical science has never successfully cured any viral disease.If you have a white mucus discharge its chlamydia, if they are warts its HPV.YOU know, I thought of this later. You asked about two STDs but it might also be nothing more than serious Jock Itch. Jock itch can take the form or raised and irritated areas int he genital region caused by increased heat and bacterial growth. You can also have a yeast infection. Both of those would be good news compares to HPV

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    Tellisin ja selline nõme olukord juhtus,et peenis läks paiste. Allergia vist nende rõngaste vastu. Aga noh naisele meeldis, jämedam ja aitas teda.

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