HOT Woman Pheromon parfüüm / 50ml

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HOT Woman Pheromon parfüüm / 50ml
Parfüüm meespartneri seksile meelitamiseks. Sisaldab seksuaalselt köitvaid feromoone, mis teevad mehe sinu ümber metsikuks. 50 ml spreipudelis.

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HOT Woman Pheromon parfüüm / 50ml saadetakse Sulle mugavalt lähimasse Smartposti või Omniva pakiautomaati. Soovi korral saad paki tellida ka Eesti Posti postkontorisse või lasta selle kulleriga kohale toimetada. Kaubad on läbipaistmatus pakendis ja pakil puudub igasugune viide paki sisule või erootikapoele. Tellimusi täidetakse Eesti piires.



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  • Mada

    Hinne Ei hinnanud

    First I have a disclaimer: I have a VERY svstiniee sense of smell and cannot even stand most hairsprays or colognes. I try to buy unscented everything if I can, and I keep myself clean.Now about this stuff: if you can smell this not all men can because I had some other guys try to smell it who couldn’t smell anything but the alcohol but IF you can, what you’ll smell is just plain old BO and completely and utterly disgusting. Even at the one drop I couldn’t take it. It makes me smell like some hairy dude (I have very little body hair) who worked out hard and hasn’t showered for a day; they type of guy who I try to never get downwind of in the gym. I don’t care if women do like some alpha male funk, I can’t stand smelling this stuff. I tried to get used to the stink for 4 days, but I just can’t do it, even at the one drop level which is barely detectable. As far as women treating me differently, I didn’t notice much anything, but who cares anyway because this stuff is too disgusting I’d rather get attention some other way.

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