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Õhukesed, erilise libiainega, mis aitab viivitada orgasmi ning pikendada seksuaalset naudingut, elektrooniliselt testitud. Pikkus 178 mm, laius 52 mm. Kõrge kvaliteet. Pakendis kolm tk. Täpsem info >>

Durex Performa saadetakse Sulle mugavalt lähimasse Smartposti või Omniva pakiautomaati. Soovi korral saad paki tellida ka Eesti Posti postkontorisse või lasta selle kulleriga kohale toimetada. Kaubad on läbipaistmatus pakendis ja pakil puudub igasugune viide paki sisule või erootikapoele. Tellimusi täidetakse Eesti piires.


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  • Anonüümne

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  • Jon

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    The ad is targeted at nerds/geeks (not the avegrae guy or avegrae woman). Do you honestly think the avegrae person would understand a sound waveform?? Ironically, nerds and geeks are often seen in movies and are stereotyped as never getting laid (and thus getting over-excited when they actually are with a woman). Someone with potentially low self esteem (like a nerd/geek who never gets laid) is also going to want to please their partner (for the ego boost).Therefore, this ad can only be interpreted one way: The waveform represents “oh! oh! OhhhhHHHHHhhhhHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” coming from the woman. Hearing that sound is the un-attainable dream of many guys who gets off before their lady can, so it makes sense that they put put that as the waveform. It’s an ideal that they can supposedly attain with durex’s long-lasting condoms.I get it. It’s not that complicated. I’d say they nailed their target group dead on. However, you would have to be one of the members of the target group to actually understand the ad correctly, methinks.

  • Michael Nowak

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