Jenna Jameson – I Dream of Jenna 02 DVD

July 15th, 2009 · 2 arvamust · Seksfilmid

Jenna Jameson  – I Dream of Jenna 02 DVD
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  • Niurka

    No she doesn’t, her emotions have no place in an inonimrfg video about something she is very serious about. She makes tons of money every day, and is opening our society to new views, so that one day, beautiful things like S/M will be accepted by the general public, instead of hunted down by society for enjoying something that is perfectly natural. A wise woman once said, Who can prosecute or criticize what feels right? , and No one can ever tell you something you enjoy is wrong

  • Suvashis

    lmao. it’s degrading and you lose your dginity to work anywhere. no matter what you are doing you are selling your time (time = life) for money submitting yourself to the wishes of others for some cash. letting your manager tell you to hurry up and scrub a toilet would not be on tyra, but that’s still pretty degrading. humans are willing to sell themselves, their time, their souls and their morals for money which is only a representation of the time they are losing to earn it. porn is sad,

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